quinta-feira, 13 de maio de 2010

you are the only exception

You always have been the one who makes me feel well, happy. No one can make me feel angry and, in the same time, in love as you make me feel.
I never wanted another someone. If I liked another guy, was just to try to forget you, forget the pain that I feel without you here near to me. If I hurted you, I'm really sorry. I hurt everyone, every time, even myself. I have my mistakes, I need them to be a human. You have yours too, and I'll accept them, if I need.
You always make me smile just existing. You are the only one that I loved in my life. And what freaks me out is that you don't even know, and I'm afraid if you never will.
Maybe you're not 'the chosen' for me, but always remember that I wanna be your friend. You always will be in my heart. Take good care who you love, don't matter who is.
Hope to see you soon.

xoxo, j.

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